What Is Breathe Easy Fayette?

Breathe Easy Fayette is a collaborative effort between local organizations who want to protect our Fayette County neighbors' rights to enjoy smoke free air. We are concerned about the effects of exposure to secondhand smoke.

As a person who proudly lives, works or plays in Fayette County, you are supporting the Breathe Easy Fayette Alliance effort to protect every citizen, employee, and visitor in the county from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Our Goals

Our goals are as follows:
- Increase awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure
- Increase awareness about the benefits of smokefree environments
- Advocate for a comprehensive smokefree ordinance to protect all Fayette County citizens, employees, and visitors from exposure to secondhand smoke in indoor workplaces and public spaces

Show your support for a smokefree Fayette County!

Other Ways You Can Help


Post and distribute information about the impact of secondhand smoke exposure in your office, school, church, neighborhood association, or at your local civic organization. Make sure your family, friends and colleagues who are smokers are aware of local cessation resources.


Every individual has a story or connection to cancer, heart disease, asthma or other respiratory illnesses linked to tobacco use or secondhand smoke exposure. Breathe Easy Fayette collects and shares personal stories and statements to help display the real impact of secondhand smoke exposure.


Your voice is important! Become an advocate for smokefree air by joining the Breathe Easy Fayette Speakers Bureau. You can also sign a letter of support or connect with your local coalition.


Help spread the message about the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure! Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to join the smokefree movement to ensure everyone has the opportunity to breathe smokefree air in workplaces and public places.

The Big Question - Why?

A smoke-free Fayette County contributes to a higher quality of life and a healthy, vibrant community.

Anyone who lives, works, or plays in Fayette County may be exposed to secondhand smoke in indoor public places and workplaces. Hard-working Fayette County citizens have the right to smoke-free indoor air — this includes all hospitality employees, musicians, and entertainers. The same is true for anyone spending time in Fayette County’s indoor spaces — the air should be clear for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

The 2005 Georgia Smokefree Air Act is outdated and fails to address new smoking and vaping products or high-exposure establishments including bars, restaurants, music and entertainment venues, hotels/motels, and other work environments that are typically included in modernized policies across the country.

Breathe Easy Fayette encourages support for smoke-free environments to protect every Fayette County citizen’s right to not be exposed to secondhand smoke where they work, dine, and play.

Many of Georgia’s municipalities have recognized the importance of protecting their citizens and visitors from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke exposure. Atlanta, Augusta, Buena Vista, Chamblee, Doraville, Morrow, Pooler, Savannah, City of South Fulton, Chatham County, and Richmond County all have adopted comprehensive smoke-free ordinances. Modernizing Fayette County’s protections will deliver on every citizen’s right to not be exposed to secondhand smoke and will reduce the burden of healthcare costs on taxpayers. Everyone will breathe easier with safer, healthier indoor air environments for all who live, work, and play in Fayette County.

  • Simply ask smokers to step outside
  • Guarantee ALL hard-working citizens the right to breathe clean air in indoor their workplace
  • Protect residents and visitors by ensuring the right to breathe clean indoor air in public places
  • Support Fayette County’s commitment to foster a vibrant and welcoming community for all

Breathe Easy Fayette is a collaborative effort between local organizations who want to protect our Fayette County neighbors’ rights to enjoy smoke free air.  We are concerned about the effects of exposure to secondhand smoke.

The following organizations are part of Breathe Easy Fayette Alliance and/or support a comprehensive SmokeFree policy for Fayette County and its municipalities.

  • Drug Free Fayette
  • Fayette FACTOR
  • Fayette County Board of Health
  • Piedmont Fayette Hospital
  • American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
  • Georgia Department of Public Health – District 4
  • Americans for Nonsmokers Rights
  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
  • Center for Black Health and Equity
  • Everyday Manners, LLC
  • In Ryan’s Name, Inc.
  • Attainable Dreams, LLC
  • Health Springs Direct, LLC

This collaborative effort aims for a comprehensive smoke free ordinance in Fayette County (and its municipalities). This ordinance would make all smoking indoors in public places prohibited, without exception, and would just ask smokers to step outside to smoke.  This ordinance has been adopted in many other states, and in 10 Georgia counties and cities.  It would save lives and protect the rights of nonsmokers to have clean air.